Programmable motorbike ignition unit for race.

SPARKER RACING 3 is an ignition control unit designed for motorbike racing purposes (road motorbike races, sprint) and off road car races in the bike-engine class. Ignition principle is inductive. The unit is programmable through PC. Adjustment software SPARKER RACING 3.EXE for PC is a part of the ignition; you may choose required settings of advance and peripheral functions.
The ignition is currently made for various sensor system types. It can be adjusted to major part of carburettor motorbikes used for road racing competitions (R6, ZX6, CBR600, R1, GSXR600...) by data modification. If the sensor system of customer's bike does not comply with SPARKER Racing 3 ignition, it can be adjust by means of special settings.
The device is fully adjustable regarding the ignition timing. It includes adjustable advance map as a function of rpm and throttle position.
The device includes by potentiometer adjustable start limiter. Adjustable gear shift control signals reaching and exceeding optimum gear revolution. Lock serves the purpose of ignition blocking (for example safety switch). Adjustable clutch master switches off the ignition during gear shifting. The unit contains N2O dosage controller as well as servo controller (exhaust throttle).

Detailed description old version v48 (pdf)

Detailed description current version v104 (pdf)