Capacitive programmable ignition for motorbikes.

SPARKER DCCDIP4P4 is capacitive ignition (CDI) with revolution and TPS regulation of the advance and some race functions. Ignition is powered from DC 12 V. Ignition DCCDIP4 is very similar to ignition TCIP4. It has same pinout. Functions of ignition are same as TCIP4 exclude parametres for setting of dwell time (capacitive ignitions has not dwell). Next difference is recommended connection of ignition coils. This is with respect to +12 V at TCIP4. This is with respect to ground at DCCDIP4. Ignition DCCDIP4 can work with respect to +12 V, but we do not recommended it. Ignition is always 4-channel (4 outputs for ignition coils). Ignition contains two voltage convertors (compare to DCCDIP, DCCDIP2 and DCCDIP2 race with one convertor). One convertor serves for ignition outputs 1 and 4, second convertor serves for ignition outputs 2 and 3.
Ignition DCCDIP4 can work at any bike, but we recommended to use it only for justified applications. For example at superchaged multi-cylinder bikes or at high speed multi-cylinder 2-stroke engines.

Ignition is (same as TCIP4) equipped with two inputs for pickup, input for throttle position sensor or inlet air pressure sensor, two multifunctional switch inputs (for blocking, kill switch, retard...), output for tachometer, two multifunction switch outputs (for fuel pump relay, gear shift light ...), outputs for exhaust valve servomotor.

Ignition is fully programmable by software. Software included advance map or curve, options for blocking, revolution limiter, servo ...
Setting software is here: DCCDIP4.EXE .

The ignition unit is in plastic box 85 x 110 x 26 mm with 20-pin connector. Counterpart connector are supplied.

Detailed description v108 (Acrobat Reader).

We provide expert installation of the device in our specialized shop.