Programmable one channel capacitive ignition for motorbikes powered by low voltage AC stator or by DC 12 V.

Ignition unit DCCDIP1 race is good way for users needed advanced functions and setting compare to units DCCDIP and DCCDIP2. Ignition unit is fully programmable by software DCCDIP1 race.EXE. Software included two advance map or curve, options for blocking, revolution limiter, servo etc. Unit is more sophisticated compare to unit DCCDIP.
Unit is possible powered from low voltage AC stator (some bikes without battery) or from DC 12V (bikes with battery).
The ignition unit is in plastic box 85x67x26 mm with 34-pin sealed connector JAE MX23A. Counterpart connector is included. Note that this connector is very difficult for crimp. This is not possible crimp without special tool. We offer basic harness for connection of this unit. This is counterpart connector with all wires with pins crimped. Lenght is 1.3 m.

DCCDIP1 race manual (pdf).

We provide expert installation of the device in our specialized shop.
For those interested in assembly procedure detailed assembly manuals are available here.